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eatdrnkslpsprtz - #Countdown2Kickoff T25 #Countdown2Kickoff T25

Without further adieu and after much speculation, we save the best pre-season top 25 for last, #Countdown2Kickoff's T25. Unlike the Amway or AP Poll, our poll ignores the hype of unproven so-called *5 stars, refuses to be suckered into the last look test, and places an emphasis on the non-glamorous positions which often decide games [...]

Wed, 24 Aug 2016
eatdrnkslpsprtz - #Countdown2Kickoff Land of 2nd chances #CardsNation #L1C4 #Countdown2Kickoff Land of 2nd chances #CardsNation #L1C4

Unlike that other program 79.2 miles away, the Louisville Cardinals have not gotten it right the first time. The Cardinals led by once troubled HC Bobby Petrino both appear poised to bring back respectability to a once proud football program. Although Petrino's methods have often been criticized, no one has ever questioned his offensive genius. Last season [...]

Wed, 13 Jul 2016

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