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Red Holzman
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Bill Russell
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Red Auerbach
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Sheboygan Red Skins
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Wilt Chamberlain
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Basketball Video - Red Holzman VideoRed Holzman Basketball Video - Red Holzman VideoRed Holzman Basketball Video - Red Holzman VideoRed Holzman
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Basketball Photos - New York Knicks - William 'Red' Holzman guided the Knicks to two championships during his tenure.
New York Knicks Basketball Photos - Sheboygan Red Skins - Sheboygan Municipal Auditorium and ArmorySheboygan Red Skins Basketball Photos - Red Auerbach - A bronze statue of Auerbach sits at Quincy Market in BostonRed Auerbach
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Red Holzman

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Sheboygan Red Skins

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Red Kerr

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