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Jack Mcauliffe
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Jack Johnson
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Beau Jack
Wikipedia Boxing Beau Jack Archives
Jack Britton
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Jack Sharkey
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Jack Randall
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Jack Broughton
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Jess Willard
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Sam Collyer
Wikipedia Boxing Sam Collyer Archives
Joe Louis
Wikipedia Boxing Joe Louis Archives
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Boxing Video - Jack Mcauliffe VideoJack Mcauliffe Boxing Video - Jack Sharkey VideoJack Sharkey Boxing Video - Jack Johnson VideoJack Johnson
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The Sports Archives Blog - The Sports Archives - Fighters Who Have Retired As Undefeated Boxing Champions! The Sports Archives - Fighters Who Have Retired As Undefeated Boxing Champions!

When you look at the list of some of the most famous fighters in history, they all have a mark or two in the loss column throughout their career. There are not many who have retired as undefeated champions, but ... Continue reading

03/12/2013 04:42:11 PM
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Boxing Photos - Jack Broughton - A drawing of Jack Broughton by George Townshend.Jack Broughton Boxing Photos - Jack Dempsey - Jack Dempsey holding his wifeJack Dempsey Boxing Photos - Jack Dempsey - Dempsey and Carpentier in the arena before the fight
Jack Dempsey
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Jack Johnson

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Joe Louis

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Max Schmeling

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Q: In October 1909, Jack Johnson, the Heavyweight Champion, beat what middleweight fighter?
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