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Pernell Whitaker
Wikipedia Boxing Pernell Whitaker Archives
Javier Castillejo
Wikipedia Boxing Javier Castillejo Archives
Johnny Tapia
Wikipedia Boxing Johnny Tapia Archives
Marco Antonio Barrera
Wikipedia Boxing Marco Antonio Barrera Archives
Bobby Chacon
Wikipedia Boxing Bobby Chacon Archives
Oscar De La Hoya
Wikipedia Boxing Oscar De La Hoya Archives
Julio César Green
Wikipedia Boxing Julio César Green Archives
Cesar Soto
Wikipedia Boxing Cesar Soto Archives
Cesar Bazan
Wikipedia Boxing Cesar Bazan Archives
Meldrick Taylor
Wikipedia Boxing Meldrick Taylor Archives
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Boxing Video - Julio César Chávez VideoJulio César Chávez Boxing Video - Jermain Taylor VideoJermain Taylor Boxing Video - Héctor Camacho VideoHéctor Camacho
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The Sports Archives Blog - The Sports Archives - Fighters Who Have Retired As Undefeated Boxing Champions! The Sports Archives - Fighters Who Have Retired As Undefeated Boxing Champions!

When you look at the list of some of the most famous fighters in history, they all have a mark or two in the loss column throughout their career. There are not many who have retired as undefeated champions, but ... Continue reading

03/12/2013 04:42:11 PM
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Boxing Photos - Julio César ChávezJulio César Chávez Boxing Photos - Julio César Chávez - Taylor vs Chavez 1
Julio César Chávez Boxing Photos - Boxing - Taylor vs Chávez 1: an example of a style matchupBoxing
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Boxing Quote - Diego Corrales QuoteDiego Corrales

Quotes Daddy Diego Corrales Quotes

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Pernell Whitaker

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Johnny Tapia

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Marco Antonio Barrera

Wikipedia Marco Antonio Barrera Statistics
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