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1942 NFL Draft

Pro-Football-Reference 1942 NFL Draft Statistics
1939 NFL Draft

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1941 NFL Draft

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1940 NFL Draft

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1938 NFL Draft

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1937 NFL Draft

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1974 NFL Draft

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1936 NFL Draft

Pro-Football-Reference 1936 NFL Draft Statistics
New York Giants Team Stats
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Football Photos - Tom Matte - Thomas Roland Matte (born June 14, 1939, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) was an American football player who played quarterback in college and (mostly) running back in the NFL in the 1960s and 1970s and earned a Super Bowl Ring. He attended Shaw High School in East Cleveland and is an Eagle Scout[citation needed]. Matte was an All-American back at Ohio State University.Tom Matte Football Photos - 2009 NFL Draft - NFL commissioner Roger Goodell announcing a pick at the 2009 draft.
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