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Danny Grant
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Grant Fuhr
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Mike Grant
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Buffalo Sabres
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2010 Stanley Cup Finals
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Grant Warwick
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1969 Stanley Cup Playoffs
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Philadelphia Blazers
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Hockey Video - Danny Grant VideoDanny Grant Hockey Video - Dainius Zubrus VideoDainius Zubrus Hockey Video - 1984 Stanley Cup Finals Video1984 Stanley Cup Finals
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The Sports Archives Blog - The Sports Archives  Stanley Cup Memories  1969 and the Montreal Canadiens The Sports Archives Stanley Cup Memories 1969 and the Montreal Canadiens

The year 1969 was not just another ordinary year in the NHL. We saw a lot of `firsts come out of 1969. What wasnt a `first was the Montreal Canadiens winning the Stanley Cup for the 16th time and second ... Continue reading

04/14/2011 09:38:33 AM
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Hockey Photos - 2010 Stanley Cup Finals - Chicago skyline with the CNA Center showing the Chicago Blackhawks' logo2010 Stanley Cup Finals
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Danny Grant

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Grant Fuhr

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Buffalo Sabres

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Q: Who was the head coach of the Montreal Canadians during their 4 consecutive Stanley Cup Victories 1976 - 1979?
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