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Paul Stastny
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Henrik Sedin
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Daniel Sedin
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Anton Stastny
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Peter Stastny
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Sedin and Stastny Brothers
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New Jersey Devils
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New Jersey Devils - Fun Facts
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Marian Stastny
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Hanson Brothers
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Hockey Video - Henrik Sedin VideoHenrik Sedin Hockey Video - Anton Stastny VideoAnton Stastny Hockey Video - Daniel Sedin VideoDaniel Sedin
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The Sports Archives Blog - The Sports Archives  Are the Sedins like the Stastnys of the 80s? The Sports Archives Are the Sedins like the Stastnys of the 80s?

They say history has a way of repeating itself. Back in the 1980s, three Slovak brothers, Peter, Anton and Marian Stastny, played for the Quebec Nordiques. Marian Stastny was traded in 1985; however, Peter and Anton had contributed greatly to ... Continue reading

04/25/2011 06:03:54 PM
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Hockey Photos - Stastny Brothers - Marian, Peter and Anton StastnyStastny Brothers Hockey Photos - Daniel Sedin - Daniel (No. 22) receives a faceoff win from brother Henrik (No. 20) against Slovak forward Michal Handzus.Daniel Sedin Hockey Photos - Paul StastnyPaul Stastny
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Henrik Sedin

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Peter Stastny

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Daniel Sedin

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