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Olympics Video - Kelly Holmes VideoKelly Holmes Olympics Video - Kelly Holmes VideoKelly Holmes Olympics Video - Carmine Abbagnale VideoCarmine Abbagnale
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The Sports Archives Blog - The Sports Archives - Andy Holmes, Olympic Rowing Gold Medalist, Dies Suddenly The Sports Archives - Andy Holmes, Olympic Rowing Gold Medalist, Dies Suddenly

England's Andy Holmes, age 51, rowing coach for the last two years, died in the hospital after feeling ill about a week before from what doctors think might have been leptospirosis, a waterborne bacterial disease. Holmes earned the gold twice, ... Continue reading

10/27/2010 01:49:04 PM
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Olympics Photos - Andy Holmes - Andrew ("Andy") Holmes (born October 15, 1959 in Uxbridge, Greater London) is a leading British rower. He rowed twice in the Olympic Games (in 1984 and 1988) with Sir Steve Redgrave. He was a gold medallist in the Men's Coxed Fours in 1984 and in the Men's Coxless Pairs in 1988, when he also took bronze in the coxed pair. He also rowed in the 1986 Commonwealth Game.Andy Holmes Olympics Photos - Kelly HolmesKelly Holmes Olympics Photos - Kelly Holmes - 
Kelly Holmes
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Andy Holmes

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