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Sable (Wrestler)
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The Fabulous Moolah
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Dusty Rhodes (Wrestler)
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Dustin Runnels
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Batista (Wrestler)
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Debrah Miceli
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Triple H
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Sports Video - Sable (Wrestler) VideoSable (Wrestler) Sports Video - Sable (Wrestler) VideoSable (Wrestler) Sports Video - Sable (Wrestler) VideoSable (Wrestler)
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Sports Photos - Sable (Wrestler) - Sable in 2003
Sable (Wrestler) Sports Photos - Sable (Wrestler) - Sable on tour in April 1998.
Sable (Wrestler) Sports Photos - Sable (Wrestler) - RenameroSable (Wrestler)
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Sable (Wrestler)

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