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Tennis Video - Helen Wills VideoHelen Wills Tennis Video - Budge Patty VideoBudge Patty Tennis Video - 1970 US Open (Tennis) Video1970 US Open (Tennis)
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The Sports Archives Blog - The Sports Archives History Lesson - Tennis Great René The Sports Archives History Lesson - Tennis Great René "Le Crocodile" Lacoste

René Lacoste is well-known as designer of the shirts with the little crocodile emblem. Before Lacoste ever dreamed up the crocodile logo, he was playing tennis like a crocodile back in the 1920s and 1930s. He was known as one ... Continue reading

12/04/2010 06:13:06 PM
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Tennis Photos - Bill Tilden - Suzanne Lenglen (1899-1938) and Bill Tilden (1893-1953)
Bill Tilden Tennis Photos - Bill TildenBill Tilden Tennis Photos - 1920 U.S. National Championship (Tennis) - Forest Hills Tennis 1920
1920 U.S. National Championship (Tennis)
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Ken Rosewall

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