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Joe Glamp
Wikipedia Football Joe Glamp Archives
Donald Igwebuike
Wikipedia Football Donald Igwebuike Archives
Gordie Soltau
Wikipedia Football Gordie Soltau Archives
Ward Cuff
Wikipedia Football Ward Cuff Archives
Toni Linhart
Wikipedia Football Toni Linhart Archives
Shane Andrus
Wikipedia Football Shane Andrus Archives
Stephen Gostkowski
Wikipedia Football Stephen Gostkowski Archives
Jason Elam
Wikipedia Football Jason Elam Archives
Mike Vanderjagt
Wikipedia Football Mike Vanderjagt Archives
Robbie Gould
Wikipedia Football Robbie Gould Archives
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Football Video - Doug Pelfrey VideoDoug Pelfrey Football Video - Matt Bahr VideoMatt Bahr Football Video - Doug Pelfrey VideoDoug Pelfrey
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Football Photos - American Football - A kicker attempts an extra point.
American Football Football Photos - Denver Broncos - Invesco Field set up for Broncos gameDenver Broncos Football Photos - Denver Broncos - 2008 Denver Broncos offense including Selvin YoungDenver Broncos
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1990-1991 NFL Playoffs

Wikipedia 1990-1991 NFL Playoffs Statistics
Dan Carpenter

Wikipedia Dan Carpenter Statistics
2011-2012 NFL Playoffs

Wikipedia 2011-2012 NFL Playoffs Statistics
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